Panda And Avey Part 2.

Panda:you have to be joking me Avey, you went to Atlanta and bought some sex slaves

Avey: I did precisely that noah, and you will see why

Avey leads me further into his EXPANSIVE MANSION before coming to a door, i can hear screams behind it. 

Panda:Avey Really.

Avey:Yes Panda, but shhh don’t tell anyone

he opens the door to reveal an EXPANSIVE DUNGEON there are girls strapped to the walls, probably about 30 of them in all, lining every wall of the dungeon. 

Panda:Avey you have to know this isnt right.

Avey: Panda, this is the last person i expected to hear this from. Sex Slaves! how are you not with me on this one.

Panda:This is wrong, some of these girls dont even look like they are legally 18.


Avey reaches his hand into his boxers and quickly pulls out a lead pipe, cracking it over panda bears skull, knocking him out sending him to the ground.

Avey: This will teach you to disagree with Avey Tare, now i will tie you up, and you will watch me make my way with my sex slaves, and then…well then i might just make my way with you, what do you think about that panda, little insolent panda!!

Panda does not reply, instead just bleeds..from his face