Panda and Avey FINALE

Panda is still passed out in a pool of his own blood on the concrete floor of the EXPANSIVE DUNGEON. Avey sets about a-rapin-his-bitches as panda bear just can not do anything, due to the fact that he is passed out. Avey rapes a couple of bitches, but dont feel too bad cuz they were really low quality ho’s.

panda bear shakes his head and awakes, staring in horror at the bitches that avey had raped to the point of them being completely and utterly rapeified.

Panda:How dare you avey, you hit me with a thing in my face and i bled. MY FUCKING FACE

Avey:I thought you were all about saving the bitches that i am currently raping as we speak.

Panda:I was, but now I realize that was a foolish emotion to care about theses hos, cuz really my face is much much more important.

Avey:Im glad i could help

Panda:Your so wise

Panda gets up and helps Avey Finish raping his sex slaves.